Compilation One.

by Various Artists

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Alura Records launches into action with the label's first release, "Compilation One.", a four track collection featuring music from four different artists to give you a taste of what to expect from the label in the future.

"Compilation One." kicks off with the short but sweet Ariel, by Glot, a unique bubbly and bouncy track with a big bassline and groovy percussion to get your head nodding from the go.

Next up on the release is the house infused chilled and uplifting track I Wish Everyday Was Like This by Crypticz. These bright and future style sounds follow on from the previous track with it's summery, feel good vibe.

After this T:M takes the compilation on a darker trip with his track Subterranean. This one is a fusion of many different electronic genres with hints towards darker techno but with a different approach, sounding like something from another world.

To bring our first release to a close Hadda hits hard with his track Cloud Nine. This one is a stripped back dubstep style track with lots of nice percussion work driven by the huge bass underneath. This one is sure to make your sub rattle and bring "Compilation One." to a huge end.


released September 3, 2012

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Track 1 produced, mixed and mastered by Clinton Hatcher.
Track 2 produced, mixed and mastered by Jordan Parsons.
Track 3 produced, mixed and mastered by Timothy Mueller.
Track 4 produced, mixed and mastered by Ryan Barrett.

Artwork design by Timothy Mueller.
Original Image by Jordan Parsons.




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